Questions for Catriona Smart, The Remix Project board member

Questions for Catriona Smart, The Remix Project board member

Katherine Ge

Posted on November 25 2020

Last month, HumbleBerry had the pleasure and opportunity to virtually meet with Catriona Smart, one of the board directors of The Remix Project. In this interview, Catriona shared with us her experience working with the Remix Project.                       
The Remix Project is a charity program that encourages young people from marginalized and underserved communities to refine their raw talents and help them build professional skills that are helpful to their future careers. The Remix Project provides a 9-month training program for accepted applicants that is divided into three academies: business arts, creative arts, and recording arts. After completing the program, the participants have gained a better understanding of their own abilities and a solid foundation for their road to success. 
In our interview with Catriona, she shared with us her experience working with the Remix project and how she first became involved with the team and her motives and goals that she wished to achieve throughout the project. As a philanthropist, Catriona also provided some advice to people who also share the same goals as her. 
  1. How did you first become involved with The Remix Project? 

A friend of a friend had introduced me to some of the people involved in Remix. I was doing fundraisers for other organizations at the time so when Remix started to explore the idea of fundraising they asked me to help.

  1. You launched the "Give Money, Make Change' fundraiser in 2009. What inspired you to start this fundraiser? How many fundraisers were held and how much was raised? 

The remix is such an incredible organization that actually helps kids and makes a huge difference in our community but it wasn't receiving the attention nor the funding I believed it deserved. I was inspired to help simply because of the amazing work that was being done and my interest in it continuing. Over the years I have helped to raise over $200,000 for Remix.

  1. You currently sit on the board of directors. How long have you been a member and what do you hope to accomplish through your position?

I was nominated to the board in early 2020, just over 10 years after my first fundraiser for Remix. I hope to bring more attention to the work Remix is doing and help the organization get the significant institutional funding they deserve. As it is an organization that predominantly serves the youth of color, it is something that is so integral to making the real sustainable change we are striving for in Canada and beyond.

  1. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected Remix's ability to offer their programming and what is being done to ensure Remix is able to continue during this difficult time? 

Due to COVID-19, the regular Remix programming has been modified. An adapted curriculum has been developed for the current round of students and alumni. Workshops, resources for independent study, panel discussions, and portfolio reviews are all being done virtually. Students are welcome to use Remix's space for socially distanced meetings with support staff and some socially distanced field trips are happening. Because so much of what Remix is about is togetherness and community, we have decided along with the students to allow for them to have their in-class experience start in 2021. Praying everything is a little more figured out by then!

  1. As a philanthropist, what advice would you give others looking to start giving back? 

Think of what moves you, what gets you fired up inside to want to change, and look for an organization out there already doing the work. There are so many organizations that need help not only financially but organizationally. Think about what you have to give and how giving back can become a part of your life. There is nothing worse than over-committing to a charitable effort that really needs you. Start small and build from there. If you're like me, once you get started you will find there is nothing quite as rewarding as giving back.

  1. You recently started a podcast! What's that process been like?

Our podcast, Conversations with Coco, has been a fun and rewarding process. I have great conversations privately with friends and now making some of those conversations public seems to be really resonating with people. Though I am personally a shy person, I get into the deepest conversations with people and I love sharing information that might be helpful to others. 


Throughout our interview with Catriona, we can strongly feel the positive energy and message that she and her team, the Remix Project, is trying to bring to the society. We are also looking forward to seeing the bright future for all the students that the Remix Project has helped with and discover each of their artistic expressions that could also inspire more young artists to join this big family. 


If you are interested in the Remix project or want to follow the updates for the latest events in the organization please check out their website or social media platforms.






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