Daria Day - Jewelry with Purpose

Daria Day - Jewelry with Purpose

Katherine Ge

Posted on November 20 2020

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your home was destroyed by a sudden disaster? Have you ever had the feeling of hoping to help your beloved ones with your own hands? In Northern Pakistan, there is a group of dedicated artisans who use their own hands to make a living and help their families. Each jewelry piece created represents their pure beliefs and Farrukh Lalani, the founder of Daria Day, has brought these elegant jewelry pieces to Canada for all to get a chance to see the stories behind each piece. 

Daria Day started in June of 2019 when Farrukh decided to deliver the message of bringing prosperity to everyone in the world with their charming jewelry pieces. Daria day works with artisans who are living in the most isolated and poor communities in the world and hopes to empower these people by providing them with stable earning and an enjoyable job. Each jewelry piece made by Daria Day is handcrafted by the artisans and created with high-quality gemstones; this means that each piece you purchase from Daria Day is unique and worthwhile. Daria Day also attaches each piece of jewelry with the story of the artisan who created the piece so that you can know what is the hidden meaning of the jewelry you purchased. 

Out of all the beautiful artisans that work with Daria Day, I would love to share the story of Gulzar, a strong and independent female artist who became an IDP ( Internally Displaced Persons) after the shock of the Attabad earthquake in 2010 leaving her entire family with grief and despair. After the shock, her family’s financial situation got extremely bad and her father’s health issue made everything worse. Gulzar was the elder one in the family with younger brothers and sisters who also dropped out of school due to the disaster. The difficult situation made Gulzar realize that she is now the hope of the family, so she joined the Karakoram Area Development Organization (KADO) for five years in order to make a living for her family. After that, she enrolled in Rupani Foundation’s jewelry-making course, a partner with Daria Day, and now, she is able to afford a sustainable wage that can support her family, including her sister’s college tuition and her family’s basic living expenses. Gulzar said that her dream is to develop her own jewelry business. Here is some of her work:

The jewelry pieces from Daria Day are currently getting more and more popular.To support these beautiful and strong artisans and make a change, please visit Daria Day’s official website or their social media platforms. 

Official website:https://dariaday.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dariadayjewelry/

Instagram Account: @dariadayjewelry

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