Find Your Organic Self

Find Your Organic Self

Mariam Ebeid

Posted on February 03 2021

 Dr.Ruba Organics is a skin care line for the 2021 year. From their organic products to organic suitability this locally based brand in Toronto, is a must to share. Dr.Ruba, founder of the company has dedicated 20 years of her life searching the world for the rawest and natural ingredients to create a line she is strongly passionate about. Her mission was to create an organic, safe skin care line that contains no toxins or harsh chemicals and no doubt she did. 


            Every element in her skin care line, from clean harvesting, to the use of natural ingredients and USDA certification makes it the perfect match for what we love to support. Each of Dr.Ruba Organic products, whether it’s the Babchinol Serum, Tremella Serum or Wild Maple Leaves cream, contains at least 95%-99% ingredients that are extracted from our planet's natural resources such as plants, mushrooms and wild maple leaves. 


“Inspired by nature. Optimized by science” as Dr.Ruba Organics would so accurately describe.


To learn more about how you can achieve smooth and flawless healthy skin while supporting local and organic sustainable products checkout

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