Giveamask-Spread Love and Stay United

Giveamask-Spread Love and Stay United

Katherine Ge

Posted on February 26 2021

The year 2020 caused a tsunami of changes to the world where we see millions of people either losing their jobs or being forced to work without health protection because they cannot afford to stay home. Even as of now, we can still see people who cannot afford to purchase protective masks for themselves so the founders of the brand Giveamask, Michael Carrier, and Paruksheen Dhunjisha decided to step in and provide support to the community in order to create a safer environment. 

Giveamask was first inspired by the team of home seamstresses trying to make masks out of old bedsheets and shoelaces, and after they saw the resilience of frontline workers in hospitals, grocery stores, and city services, the founders decided to initiate their plan on how can they make a change to these situations. Their brand aimed to promote the buy-one-give-one initiative where customers can actually make a difference to the community by helping out the people who cannot afford to buy masks. The core of their plan was partnerships, and the partnerships do not only refer to the local charities but also the local clothing factories. Since all of the masks are locally made, Giveamask was able to design high-quality masks for their customers at a faster pace and also at the same time, help to create more working opportunities for the local workers who are suffering from unemployment. Giveamask created a community where all Canadians can unite and help each other out in these difficult times.

If you check out their website, you can see that for each mask that you purchase, there will be one mask automatically donated to local charities such as the North York Harvest Foodbank or the YMCA Sprott House, and you will also be given the opportunity to donate more masks if you want to. In addition, Giveamask also has T-shirts that were each designed by talented Canadian artists with the message to unite and create a better community. For each purchase of the T-shirts, the local Food Banks will automatically receive a mask donation for people who are in need, therefore, if you want to help spread the love, please check out their website or social platforms for more details because little help can make a big difference.


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