Looking to “Sher” with you a Healthy Snack that also Give Back, only by Sher Squares

Looking to “Sher” with you a Healthy Snack that also Give Back, only by Sher Squares

Jessica DaSilva

Posted on June 28 2021

I would love to introduce you all to a new local Toronto treat called, Sher Squares, created by duo Sherri and Tim Sinclair, a couple who have similar values to ours at HumbleBerry and are truly making a difference through their patented nutrient-dense snack filled with protein and a full serving of fruits and vegetables in each square. 

The balanced nutrition on-the-go snack is available in three flavours, Apple Bliss, Orange-Mango Happy Feet and Chocolate Wonder. Not to mention - Sher Squares are also made without additives, preservatives, gluten or nuts. Now available in Metro, Longo’s, online at sherproduce.com and other independent retailers.

At HumbleBerry, we are always thinking about the community and how we could give back, but love connecting with others who do the same. So with Sher Produce and every purchase of a pack of Sher Squares, it ensures a square is donated to local organizations serving the city’s vulnerable. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sher Squares has already donated over 100,000 Sher Squares to Downtown Coalition Food Rescue, an organization that supports the social development of individuals by assisting them to overcome adversity and barriers such as poverty and oppression. They provide the necessary resources and tools that will aid clients development and improve their quality of life within society both domestically and globally.

This power couple merged their two passions together Sherri has a background in nutritional health and Tim was an executive at Campbell’s soup for over 30 years, and created Sher Squares! Together the two are dedicated to “shering” and benefiting both consumers and ultimately, people in need throughout the GTA.

About Sher Produce:

Sher Produce is a family-owned business that was founded in 2012 with a mission to help families eat good, do good and feel good. Sher Produce does this by making great-tasting, healthy snacks for families and committing to helping the community through their Buy One, Feed One program.

For more information on Sher Produce visit their website at https://sherproduce.com/ 

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