Maqoba-A brand with the Spirit to Advocate the Importance of Mental Health

Maqoba-A brand with the Spirit to Advocate the Importance of Mental Health

Katherine Ge

Posted on February 19 2021

Did you know that depression is now considered a leading cause of disability worldwide and is now a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease? Even worse, as the coronavirus pandemic hits countries from all over the world, the Canadian local charity group, Mental Health Research Canada (MHRC), claimed that as of 2021,  22 percent of surveyed Canadians reported that they had been diagnosed with depression or other mental health issues. However, in general, we can see that most nations are still lacking awareness in this field, which also led to the shortness of mental health services. With the aim to raise social awareness of mental health and the goal to help people that cannot afford mental health services, the local Canadian Brand named Maqoba is launched in January of 2019. 

Maqoba is found by Olabiyi Dipeolu after he experienced mental breakdowns starting in 2017 caused by the high-stress working environment. At first, Olabiyi did not treat his symptoms seriously because he was not too aware of his mental state but later on, he started to experience sleeping problems which really created challenges for him to maintain a healthy lifestyle. After finding that things are getting more intense, Olabiyi figured that he should go to professionals for support. Eventually, Olabiyi was treated with several therapies along with practices in mediation and this brought a huge change to his life. After realizing the importance of mental health, Olabiyi wanted to help more people who did not have the financial privilege to receive support from the mental health services and this led to the creation of Maqoba. 

The name Maqoba comes from Manqoba, which is Zulu in origin, meaning "the one who conquers in hopeless situations". The brand contains a variety of affordable and eco-friendly products that are made in Canada such as clothing, jewelry, home decor, notebooks, etc. Every purchase from Maqoba will proceed to charities that help people who can not afford to pay for professional treatments. As of today, Maqoba is already partnering with various Canadian charity organizations such as UHN (Toronto Rehab Foundation), 360 Kids, and CAMH. 

Maqoba believed that everyone, regardless of race, gender, or social class should have access to mental health initiatives and treatment so if you want to help Maqoba to achieve their ultimate goal, please check out their website or social platforms for more details. 

Official Website:

Instagram: @maqobainc


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