Ready, Set & Go

Ready, Set & Go

Mariam Ebeid

Posted on January 28 2021

As the New Year has just begun, we have a tendency to create goals for ourselves that we aspire to achieve throughout the year. While 2020 has not exactly been the smoothest year on a global scale, making it harder to stay motivated with accomplishing our new year resolutions. Nonetheless, we must persevere. Our perspective ought to shift where we primarily focus on the positivity that does surround us and the potential growth instilled in each of us. The start of ever year is a new opportunity awaiting all of us, of course this opportunity can arise any moment you select, any day, any hour or any minute. But there is an overwhelming amount of drive that comes precisely in the new year, that we all must take advantage of. There is no better person to guide us with our 2021 goals than motivational speaker and 3-time National Champion Charles Clark himself.


By the age of 22, Charles Clark was a track super star, placing a title as the 6th fastest man in the world at IAAF World Championship. But just like the world we’re living in right now, Charle’s life took an unexpected turn of events, and his body suffered a 99% tear in his right quad muscle, hindering his career. Despite such an unexpected outcome, Charles was determined to continue to thrive. He became an expert in habit improvement, discovering purpose, vision creating and goal setting, where he shared his experiences at his motivational events called Thrive Events, impacting thousands of lives globally. After speaking with Charles Clark, he provided us with wisdom, motivation and advice that we would like to share. We first asked Charles why do you think people struggle with following their goals? Charles responded saying that as humans, we lack self-awareness which creates fear and insecurity within us. This then creates a domino effect of struggling to find inner clarity as your insecurities override your confidence and it hinders your ability to thrive. We then proceeded to ask how can you help people overcome this? His answer was as simple as three steps, Get Ready, Get Set and Go.


Chalre’s first step, Get Ready is all about not overthinking. Don’t allow your mind to start questioning itself and enter a mental state of overthinking who you are and your goals. This step is not asking you to get ready, its merely altering you to get ready for what is to come and don’t allow yourself to enter a state of fear and push back that comfort zone and get ready for it.


Now that you’re ready, and you have a goal in mind get set by taking that first step. Once that first step is taken, break down all proceeding steps into micro goals to avoid falling back to step number one of Get Ready. In order to get passed this step it’s crucial to not get overwhelmed by the amount of information that comes with your new self and new goals, to understand that the conscious mind can only take so much and that’s okay. Just get locked in on one thing.


Go is the last step. It’s the instinct step, where you put the action towards those goals. Having the courage and being brave enough to just GO, even when its uncomfortable. Charles last words of advice to help you accomplish your goals is reduce between Ready, Set and Go. To keep it as simple as possible, being aware of the opportunity in front of you and just locking in those goals. To learn more check out Charles page and his Thrive Events. 

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