RUBIES-A Brand that Makes Every Girl Shine

RUBIES-A Brand that Makes Every Girl Shine

Katherine Ge

Posted on January 27 2021

Janet Mock, a famous American writer, television host, and transgender rights activist, once said “We are all part of a larger collective looking to create a more beautiful and just world”. 

Due to society’s cultural stereotypes and perspectives on gender-specific differences, many beautiful girls from all around the world struggle with society’s bias on how transgender people should look or dress and are having obstacles with finding the most suitable clothes that can make them feel both free and safe. Therefore, in the Spring of 2020, RUBIES was finally launched by Jamie Alexander, with the aim to make the world a place where all kids can wear whatever they want, regardless of their anatomy, and shine in their own unique ways. 

Jamie Alexander was inspired to create Rubies due to his love for his daughter Ruby,  a twelve-year-old trans girl. As he mentioned in the note, Ruby was always having difficulties finding comfortable form-fitting clothes for swimming, gymnastics, and dancing so before the launch of Rubies, she would always wear boardshorts for swimming occasions and frumpy sweatpants for gymnastics when she actually wanted to wear the same cloths just like all of her other girlfriends in school. This inspired Jamie Alexander to discover the solution to this problem for all girls that are in the same situation as Ruby, and we are talking about around a hundred thousand young teenagers in North America. Finally, after a year of research and development, Jamie Alexander launched RUBIES in the Spring of 2020. 

RUBIES is an innovative and inclusive Canadian brand, specializing in creating form-fitting clothing for trans girls. The brand is designed to empower and provide worry-free products for trans girls through their soft compression, spandex, and mesh technology in order to make them feel safe and comfortable to participate in any activities. RUBIES also ensures that all trans girls can now enjoy the same activities as their friends, with the same level of comfort and confidence regardless of where they are. 

In addition to the amazing products and purpose that RUBIES is presenting, the brand is also aiming to support all the other girls and their families who are facing the challenges of transitioning. Therefore, in order to spread more love to everyone who is experiencing similar difficulties, RUBIES designed the “Every Girl Deserves to Shine Campaign”, which is dedicated to providing free swimwear to families in need, and as of now, the brand has already been able to raise over $25,000 and donate hundreds of swimwear bottoms to the people in need. So if you are interested, please check out this incredible brand and support them to become who they really are.

If you want to know more about the behind stories of RUBIES, please also check out Ruby and Jamie Alexander's interview on CBC. 

CBC Interview link:

Official website:

Social Media: @rubiesdad

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