Tips for a Matching Donor Campaign

Tips for a Matching Donor Campaign

Kyla Morgan

Posted on April 01 2020

Corporate philanthropy initiatives, such as matching donations, are a welcome component of a successful fundraising campaign. Canadian nonprofits can easily double funds by partnering with companies willing to match donations from individuals or other institutions.

Goodfood, a meal kit delivery company in Canada, launched a fundraising campaign yesterday to support the Breakfast Club of Canada’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund. For the next two weeks, Goodfood will match donations up to $10,000. With the potential to raise $20,000, it’s no surprise that corporate and cause partnerships are integral to maximize a campaign’s impact.

Since in-person fundraisers are currently cancelled due to COVID-19, now more than ever, it’s integral to have a comprehensive digital fundraising strategy. This document should contain a complete social media marketing plan. This blueprint includes, for instance, how to create and track a custom campaign hashtag and how to implement other tags to further your reach. Additionally, it’s important to ensure your content deliverables are shareable. For example, part of Goodfood’s call to action is encouraging user-generated and tagged content that Goodfood will share on their social media pages. Another useful tactic to have in your social media marketing strategy is including a link donors can post on their social media accounts to share their donation news and encourage others to also participate.

Companies and causes need to ensure they collaborate with partners whose values and mission line up. Goodfood strives to make the impossible come true: getting weekly meal planning and grocery shopping done fast. The Breakfast Club of Canada is also making the seemingly impossible feat of feeding Canada’s food-insecure children a reality by serving 243,521 nutritious breakfasts daily in 1,809 schools. Now, because of school closures due to COVID-19, the Club is reallocating and raising funds to ensure children, youth and their families across the country are fed. Ensuring compatibility is crucial to the success of the campaign.

A helpful resource for Canadian nonprofits to find businesses that offer matching donation programs is Double the Donation. They track U.S. and Canadian companies that offer matching gift programs. While most are for matching employee donations, many Canadian companies, such as Goodfood, will work with a nonprofit and match donations received from community members.

Want to donate to the Breakfast Club of Canada’s COVID-19 emergency fund and have Goodfood match it? Click HERE to donate and select ‘Goodfood’ from the ‘How Did You First Hear About the Emergency COVID-19 Response Fund? dropdown menu.


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