Toronto Filmmaker debuts Short-film in a CBC Competition about Racism in the Workplace

Toronto Filmmaker debuts Short-film in a CBC Competition about Racism in the Workplace

Jessica DaSilva

Posted on August 27 2021

Allow us to introduce up-and-coming Toronto filmmaker, Mike Regis and his short film Promotion. Mike not only is a Toronto-based Film Director but also seeks to find the humanity in human relationships in every narrative he creates through his work. While focusing on black experiences, the goal is to portray the cultural and societal nuances authentically, all through a creative style with visual techniques such as production design, lighting, and camera to further provide realism to his characters and story.

Mike will be making his debut on CBC’s Short Film Face Off, as one out of nine contestants to compete in the 14th season. The CBC series showcases the talent of emerging filmmakers from all across Canada with the opportunity for home audiences to vote for their favourite new short film at the end of August.

Mike’s third short film titled, Promotion, is one that we are really intrigued with and looking forward to viewing as it is provoked by the subtlety of racism that Black people face in the workplace. It examines how racism can be covert and subtle as a soon-to-be father’s morality is put to the test after witnessing a racial incident in the workplace. Racism is something we seem to deal with to this day, yet is something we truly believe should not exist in today’s society. 

I was able to sit down and have a little chat with Mike himself, and understand his mission to create empathy and illustrate his three core values: community, family, and authenticity. 

I got to ask Mike, what it means to be a Black filmmaker in Toronto, and his answer was simple yet powerful,’being in the space I am in, I am allowed to be creative and truly stay 100% myself.’ I then got to discuss how he navigates within the industry and continuously seeks to make a positive change, and again, simple yet powerful Mike mentioned leading by example is the way to go. Mike was able to capture the story about racism and how it works in different environments, what he has observed personally, and illustrate it on the big screen.

One thing that really stuck with me after my chat with Mike himself was he said, ‘Never let go of your voice. First picture with my full voice, and it ended up being the biggest thing.’


HumbleBerry is proud to feature someone like Mike Regis, and his short film Promotion. Check him out on social media @mikeregis for the latest update. 

Promotion is a short film that was made through the support of NExT, a VIBE Arts Black Youth Mentorship Program that helps Black Artists to overcome the barriers and challenges they face in order to pursue their dreams.

Promotion will air on CBC’s Short Film Face Off’s 3rd Episode airing on CBC and CBC Gem on August 28th, 7:00-8:00 pm in all time zones except for the Maritimes/NFLD (8:00-9:00, 8:30-9:30). Voting for Promotion will take place for 24 hours following the film’s debut on at 8pm (Maritimes/NFLD (9:00-10:00, 9:30-10:30)


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