WEAR BEIRUT - rebuilding homes and restoring lives one t-shirt at a time

WEAR BEIRUT - rebuilding homes and restoring lives one t-shirt at a time

Mariam Ebeid

Posted on October 14 2020

An atrocious tragedy took place in the capital of beloved Lebanon the morning of August 4th, 2020. An explosion hit the port of Beirut, causing heavy damage and heartache upon its citizens and beautiful city. The trauma left many impacted, not just by those who endured the dreadful explosion, but by all who watched helplessly from all over the world.

Substantial efforts and support were needed on a global scale to rebuild a country already struggling from economic meltdown and a pandemic. It was at this moment where a Lebanese surgery resident at Dalhousie University, Tarek Lawen, thought it was his duty to serve his country. Alongside siblings Ziad, Zeina and Zoe Lawen, the family decided to create a non-profit organization called WEAR BEIRUT dedicated to rebuilding homes and restoring lives. 

The Lawen family teamed up to create t-shirts as a way to commemorate the devastating explosion that will forever hold a place in their hearts. Many hours were dedicated into the design of the t-shirts, as they wanted to create a timeless essence when wearing them, as a way to always remember. The shirts have a chic-simple design with Lebanon’s geographical location on the front, the most impacted locations on the back, and the date the explosion took place in Arabic ٤ ٨ (August 4th ).

WEAR BEIRUT has been experiencing overwhelming support from their community, as they've sold out twice. They are on to their third order and are looking to expand their merchandise. For more ways to help out and make a change, check out their instagram page @WEARBEIRUT



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