Welcome to HumbleBerry!

Welcome to HumbleBerry!

Kyla Morgan

Posted on June 19 2019

Thank you for stopping by!

HumbleBerry creates Canadian-focused social-impact content and works in collaboration with charities, nonprofits, purpose-driven companies and supporters across the country. Our aim is to raise funds for organizations in fun and new ways and share news and information that matters most to those interested in cause-related initiatives. 

Does your organization have an upcoming event or news to share? Do you work at a company with an active corporate social responsibility mandate or want to get one started? Are you doing something exceptional in the social impact space? If so, we want to hear from you! Please connect with us HERE and find out how we can best support your endeavor. 

On behalf of the HumbleBerry Team,

Kyla Morgan, founder & creative director

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