Women Empowerment Campaign With Daria Day is Now Launched!

Women Empowerment Campaign With Daria Day is Now Launched!

Katherine Ge

Posted on March 08 2021


Happy International Women’s Day to all the beautiful ladies in the world and this year, Humbleberry will be celebrating this wonderful day by launching a new campaign collaborating with an ethical jewelry brand, Daria Day. The theme for this new contest will be Women Empowerment and we are welcoming everyone to join the contest for a chance to win the Brilliant Lapis Bracelet from Daria Day and support the Sistering organization at the same time.

The sponsor for this contest is Daria Day and for those of you who are not familiar, Daria Day is a local Canadian brand that offers unique jewelry pieces handcrafted by a group of artisans living in the remote mountain communities of Northern Pakistan. While offering powerfully made products to their customers, Daria Day also provides the group of artisans with a sustainable livelihood and a path to prosperity. The prize for this contest is the Brilliant Lapis Bracelet made with blue Lapis gemstones, which symbolize honor and spiritual vision, and wearing this bracelet will give you the healing power energies of wisdom and truth.  Each piece of jewelry made from Daria Day will be attached with a product card that tells you the story of the artisan who created the piece. The final winner for the contest will also be offered a one-on-one meeting with the founder of Daria Day, Farrukh Lalani, to talk about any questions you have with jewelry and gemstones.  

If you want more information about Daria Day, please visit their website: https://dariaday.com/

The contest will be running for a month and by the end of the contest, we will randomly pick a winner from the contest entries which means that the more you donate, the more entries you get, and the higher the chance is for you to win the contest. Since the theme for this contest is women empowerment, all of the donations we get will be processing to a Canadian women-supporting charity called Sistering.

Sistering is a Canadian multi-service agency that offers practical and emotional support to women and trans people who are homeless, precariously housed, and/or socially isolated. They aim to create a safe, welcoming, and non-judgmental space for women and trans people and provide support through equitable programs/services that enable participants to take greater control over their lives. By collaborating with community members, they strive to change the social conditions that endanger the welfare of women and trans people and eventually create a world where all women and trans people, in all our diversity, are safe, respected, valued, and treated with dignity. 

If you are interested in more details about Sistering, please visit their website: https://sistering.org/


Your contribution to this contest will empower these women to gain the ability to improve their current living standards and fight for their rights. So if you want to help to support the charity and get a chance to win the Brilliant Lapis bracelet, now is the time! Click the link below to participate and stay tuned for more content coming out on our social platforms. 

Join Contest at https://humbleberry.ca/products/win-a-brilliant-lapis-bracelet-from-daria-day


Humbleberry Instagram: @behumbleberry

Daria Day Instagram: @dariadayjewelry

Sistering Instagram: @sisteringdropin


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