Wuxly Movement X Black History Artists Collaboration

Wuxly Movement  X  Black History Artists Collaboration

Katherine Ge

Posted on February 18 2021

As we enter the middle of Black History Month, the Canadian Outerwear brand, Wuxly Movement, is having a powerful collaboration that features three talented local Black Artists to share their work. Wuxly Movement is a fashion brand that aims to produce Canadian-made outerwear products that are both sustainable and animal-free. Their company’s mission to #LiveWarmly through every action and interaction also ensures their customers that they are wearing jackets that are safe to the people and the planet. This time, Wuxly provided a chance for the local Black artists to tell their stories through their designs as a celebration of Black History Month.  

In this campaign, Wuxly Movement highlighted three incredible Canadian artists from the local community, Jabari “Elicser” Elliott, Imani Busby, and Tafari Steele, and each of them will be using their work to highlight the black culture. At the start of this collaboration, each artist has been given one plain Wuxly jacket in order to eventually turn it into a wearable art piece. Each art piece represents their voice, attitude, and their story about the black culture and this blog will be walking you through each of the designs made by these talented artists. 

To start off, we have the jacket made by Jabari “Elicser” Elliott, a Toronto Aerosol Artist with murals all over Toronto.

Since graduating from Sheridan College's animation program, Elliott has amassed a collection of murals and public artworks that have come to help define Toronto's cityscape. Aside from his public artworks, Elliott also exhibited at The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Royal Ontario Museum, and LE Gallery. Elliott's works and characters were inspired by these past experiences and relationships in his life and also his cultural background. As seen from the jacket design, it represents his attitude and his expression of his culture and spirit. If you are interested in his other works, please check his Instagram account @elicserelliott.

Next off, we have the jacket designed by Imani Busby, a female visual artist who gets inspiration from the people around her. 

When Imani was asked about her inspiration for the jacket design, she responded that"Growth is a central theme in the whole jacket with the flowers and the leaves spreading out. As people we carry so much with us, all of our experiences, our life, everything that makes us who we are up to that point in our day where we leave our house and put on a coat and leave our house. I thought it would be cool to have an empowering message in the coat that you can walk and carry with you." 

If you want more information about her works, check out her Instagram @imani.dominique.

Last, of not least, we have the jacket designed by Tafari Steele,  a Toronto creator who explores the idea of the new canvas, projecting art on things other than the traditional frame on a wall.

When Tafari was asked about the meaning underneath his jacket design, he said "I began playing around with different media and concepts, painting and using different forms of image transfer. My canvas’ have been jackets, shoes, speakers, and hats amongst other things. For most of my creations, thought is put into creating a social conversation. Fusing and repurposing different types of pop media and culture from my life such as tv shows posters and symbols into social commentary. The overall idea is to let the aesthetic create conversation. Great joy comes from creating and the challenges the pieces to bring. I’m always inspired by the outcomes to create more, always looking forward to the next project." 

If you want to see his other amazing works, please check out @paperbagroyalty.

After exploring all of their designs, we can see how much effort the artists have put into their works in order to celebrate the beauty of diversity and their pride in their culture. By the end of the campaign, Wuxly Movement will donate the full amount of the fund for the purchase of each art piece towards a charity of each Artist’s choosing. Therefore, if you are interested in getting a one-and-only winter jacket that represents the black spirit, please check out the website of Wuxly Movement at https:// wuxly. com/ pages/ black-history-artists  for more details. 

Or visit their other social platforms:

Instagram: @wuxlymovement 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WuxlyMovement/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ca/wuxlymovement/ 

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