HUMBLEBERRY is an innovative social enterprise. We support purpose-driven Canadians, businesses and non-profit organizations by creating cause-related content and digital fundraising campaigns, as well as educational programming for passionate professionals in the social impact sector. We believe that a greater awareness and understanding of modern day issues creates greater opportunities to make lasting positive change.

Welcome to HUMBLEBERRY -- your guide for inspired action.

Our Mission & Vision

HumbleBerry’s mission is to support the social impact initiatives of Canada's businesses, nonprofits and individuals. Our vision is to collectively contribute to every cure, creation and innovation our purpose-driven partners will discover.

Meet the Team

  • Kyla Morgan

    Kyla Morgan

    Kyla is HumbleBerry's founder and creative director. She established HumbleBerry in 2018 with 10 years of charitable sector experience and more than 5 years researching and working at the intersection of beauty/fashion and philanthropy as a consultant. Kyla is also a real estate investor, published writer and proud supporter of the Canadian fashion industry. She holds a bachelor of arts in communications, an advanced diploma in print and broadcast journalism and a master of arts in fashion - with a focus on philanthropy. Kyla is actively committed to causes that better society and this is reflected in her volunteerism, research, lifestyle and business endeavours. She is happily married with three amazing daughters and one goofy dog. She enjoys getting lost in a good book or movie, spending time with her family and friends, growing in her faith, hiking through forests and swimming in sunny destinations.

  • Jessica DaSilva

    Jessica DaSilva

    Jessica is HumbleBerry's project manager. She joins the team with an impressive, and extensive, background in operations and marketing helping CEOs, executives, solo entrepreneurs and startups grow their personal and professional brands. She holds a B.Comm in Global Management and Professional Communications and is also a trained spokesperson within her local business and school communities. When Jessica is not working on humbleberry, or one of her other enterprise-related endeavours, she enjoys travelling, walking her dog, Bailey and spending time with family and friends while enjoying a delicious meal. 

  • Carl Landry-Berthelot

    Carl Landry-Berthelot

    Carl is HumbleBerry's intern. He is currently completing his Specialist in International Affairs degree with a major in economics. Carl moved to Toronto from his hometown of Campbellton, New Brunswick to study, pursue his acting passion and build an empire in the Canadian fashion industry. He is the owner and executive producer of the WOW (Walking On Water) fashion show.