• How does HumbleBerry choose the contest campaign winner(s)?

    Once the admission period closes, valid entries are each assigned a number and our random number generator software selects the winner(s). HumbleBerry then sees whose name(s) corresponds with the number(s) selected and contacts them via email, Skype or social media 5-10 business days after the campaign closes to share the exciting news!

  • What methods of payment does HumbleBerry accept?

    HumbleBerry accepts major credit and debit cards as well as BitCoin and Paypal.

  • In what currency are donations and purchases processed on the HumbleBerry website?

    All donations and transactions on the HumbleBerry website are in the Canadian Dollar (CAD). If you’re donating or making a purchase from a country other than Canada, you will be charged in Canadian currency. The amount charged may differ from the price listed on the HumbleBerry website depending on the payment provider.

  • What are the chances of winning a HumbleBerry contest campaign?

    The probability of winning a HumbleBerry campaign depends on how many entries are received for each sweepstake. Each entry equals one chance to win. Campaigns with more than one prize winner, as well as entering more than one campaign, increase your chance of winning.

  • How does HumbleBerry support charities and nonprofits?

    HumbleBerry is a social enterprise that brings fun and philanthropy together by offering exciting experience-based contests, auctions and an online store. Each item and/or experience is paired with a worthy organization. We collect donations for the corresponding cause when you enter for a chance to win, place a bid or buy from our website. Your donations make the charities and nonprofits the biggest winners of all! HumbleBerry also shares all the good our charity and nonprofits are doing through our social media channels and website blog. HumbleBerry employees also spend time volunteering and giving to causes they care about.

  • How do I donate a prize/work with HumbleBerry on a contest?

    Whether you represent an organization, company or influencer and want to help raise awareness and funds for a charity or nonprofit through the HumbleBerry platform, please email us at

  • How much goes to the charity/nonprofit from HumbleBerry’s campaigns?

    From each campaign and auction, 80 per cent of the net proceeds goes to the corresponding charity/nonprofit. Proceeds to organizations from HumbleBerry’s cause-related retail varies from 10 per cent to 100 per cent. Please refer to the product page for all the donation details.

  • Is my donation tax-deductible?

    HumbleBerry is a for-profit social enterprise that raises funds for nonprofits by offering merchandise, auctions and sweepstakes. Only registered charities, or other qualified donees, are permitted to issue official donation receipts that qualify for charitable tax credits.

  • How does HumbleBerry keep my payment and personal information secure?

    Safeguarding your personal details and transactional information is of top priority at HumbleBerry. Our website is powered by Shopify, which also handles our payment processing. Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI (Payment Card Industry) DSS (Data Security Standard) compliant. HumbleBerry’s software is designed to ensure your data remains uncompromised.

  • How do I contact HumbleBerry if I’m having a problem with the site or have a question not listed here?

    Please email us at help@humbleberry.ca with your questions or concerns and we’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.